Noel Jupp

Native Plants

Noel JuppWHERE: Billabong Park
WHEN: Saturday 13 October – 12.30pm

Noel has been working with plants for over 65 years covering everything from native orchids to ferns, trees and shrubs. He currently owns and runs Riverdene Nurseries and his vast experience in the horticultural sector ensures he is a fascinating and incredibly knowledgeable speaker for anyone interested in native Australian plants.

Riverdene is a family-based business which produces thousands of seed grown plants on an annual basis and maintains an intensive breeding program for the production of new hybrids or superior forms of existing hybrids.

Among many other varieties, the Nursery has developed a wide range of Callistemons, Grevilleas, Waterhousia and Melaleuca for supply to the nursery industry, the re-vegetation sector, the environmental sector and the public.

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