Terry Kitching

Fire proofing your garden

WHERE: Billabong ParkNSW Rural Fire service
WHEN: Saturday 13 October – 11.30am & 2.30pm andBarrington Fire Engine.jpg
Sunday 14 October – 10am

As the hot weather looms before us, we’re all thinking about how to keep our gardens alive during summer – but we should also be thinking about how to make our gardens fire-resistant. Any plant will burn if it gets hot enough but some burn more readily than others.

Local Rural Fire Service spokesman Terry Kitching will give you ideas of what plants are more resistant than others, for example boobialla or kurrajong and deciduous trees, as a general rule, don’t burn as readily as plants with high oil content either. However, you also need to look at the growth characteristics of plants, and consider choosing ones that don’t shed copious amounts of leaves for fuel, or that have lots of loose bark to cause flying embers, so it’s a complicated subject.

You need to keep higher plants well back from the house to reduce the danger of ember attack and be careful what sort of mulches you have near the house.

Come along and hear these and many other hints for you to help keep your property safe this fire season.




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