Guided Walk in Gloucester Park

Dig Gloucester!

WHERE: Meet in front of the Cricket Ground Grandstand in District Park
WHEN: Saturday 13 October 2018
TIME: 10.30am and 1.30pm

pioneer-memorial-garden-4-1280x848During Dig Gloucester, you can join Ian Jackson, one of MidCoast Council’s expert horticulturalists, on a walk around Gloucester’s beautiful and well-loved District Park to find out all about its wonderful plants and visit the Minimbah Garden, which contains plants of cultural and food significance to local Aboriginals.

The Park has been developing since the Australian Agricultural Company was granted land from Port Stephens to the Manning River in the early 1800s.  This area in Gloucester was given to the local Council as a Common for all to use and declared a park in 1915.

The Gloucester River forms the western and northern boundaries of the Park and, as the banks erode substantially during floods, the exact boundary has changed over time.  There have been many unsuccessful attempts to control this erosion and even an attempt to ‘straighten’ the river in the 1950s.   However continued bank erosion has led to loss of river oak trees and sedimentation of what was once a popular swimming spot with its own change-rooms for bathers.

Council and the Gloucester Environment Group are continuing to work on riverbank regeneration and the removal of weeds.


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