Judi Hodges – Edible & Medicinal Plants

Judi HodgesEdible and medicinal plants

WHERE: Billabong Park
WHEN: Saturday 13 October – 1.30pm

A love of our people and our bushland is part of what drove Judi to recently write a book about the Edible and Medicinal Plants found in Our Mid-Coast Backyard while the main inspiration was attending a workshop about bush tucker and medicinal plants.

Living at Craven Plateau near Gloucester, Judi will talk about the background to writing the book and bring along a few examples of the types of plants that can be found locally, what uses they have and will also briefly cover the science and tradition of herbal medicine.

She will also be explaining how the workbook is put together and the various uses of the workbook. Judi will be offering a discount to all DIG Gloucester attendees, Our Backyardplus a book signing opportunity for all who would like to purchase the book. The book will also be able to be purchased online as well.

Following the talk, Judi will open the floor to any questions the attendees may have for approximately five minutes.

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