Marnie Johnson

How to Propagate Plants

Marnie JohnsonMarnieWHERE: Billabong Park
WHEN: Saturday 13 October 2018 – 1 pm and
Sunday 14 October 2018 – 11.30 am

Marnie is well known in this region as an expert horticulturalist.  She has run her certified organic farm at Gloucester Tops for over 20 years as well as training TAFE students in Horticulture certificates.   Marnie also runs Farmers Market plant stalls and has shared her vast knowledge of plants and sustainable living in many varied workshops through The Tucker Patch.

Marnie and her husband, Ken, started The Gloucester Project and The Tucker Patch, on the outskirts of town, with the aim of encouraging local landholders to grow small crops and figure out what they can and can’t grow, and just how to do it successfully in this changing climate.  The Tucker Patch demonstrates ways of growing vegetables and food products that are suitable for this area to provide locally-grown fresh food and cut transport costs.


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